Pole Dance Charlotte
Pole Dance Charlotte
10700 Kettering Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone: 704-541-6789
Email: info@poledancecharlotte.com


Pole Dance Charlotte Alternative Fitness Program
One Price
$60.00 per Month
Unlimited 30 day membership

Our 30 day monthly memberships include

*14 classes per week(Monday thru Saturday)
*60 minute & 30 miute Pole Choreography Classes
60 & 90 minute Pole Fitness Classes
60 minute Hybrid Classes
(dance and fitness combined)
*Same Teacher for every class, similar to a personal trainer. 
They push you to what they know you can do

Dance Cardio, Pole Tricks, Twerk and Deep Stretch classes incuded. 

You will need at least a 45 day, preferably 60 day commitment. 
Start by taking 2 classes  a week, no more than 4 to see a difference in your body. 

Want to purchase a single class? or renew your monthly membership ?
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