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Meet Your Instructor

Meet your instructor!

Owner/Main Instructor with 10 years experience in teaching pole.
Why have others on your team...... when you can do it yourself?


5 Time National Pole Competition Competitor
* 2011 -  Midwest Pole Competition Chicago, IL
*2011 - Southern Pole Competition Houston, Tx
*2012 - Midwest Pole Competition Chicago, IL
*2013 - Southern Pole Competition Miami, FL - 3rd place winner
*2014 - Southern Pole Competition Atlanta Ga

My Story

My name is Kelly Wood  and I am the owner, operator and main instructor of Pole Dance Charlotte Fun and Fitness dance studio Inc. I am also the mother of four children(ages 25, 24, 21 and 12) a former ballet dancer with 15 years of dance experience and classroom training who never stopped dreamed of one day owning her own business,this is my story.  
In 1995 looking for nothing more than additional part-time income needed to aid my way out  of an abusive marriage of 13 years. I took a chance and purchased a small franchise called "A Pole Lot of fun". I heard about the company through a co-worker of mine while working a regular 9-5 job as an A/R Collections Specialist. After purchasing the franchise I received hands on professional training of how to become a traveling pole party presenter and started out with one traveling stage pole and began hosting girls nigh out private pole parties, teaching the art of pole dancing every Friday and Saturday evenings in the living rooms of women in and outside of Charlotte and its surrounding areas. After six successful months I was approached by the franchise owners with an opportunity to venture out on my own and released me from my original franchise agreement.
In June of 1996, armed with my years of ballet training, a new found love for the art of pole dancing I started my first dance studio just off of Independence Blvd and Pole Dance Charlotte was created. Four years,three studios and six additional instructors later I finally made my dream come true. Through this wonderful journey I have love, lost and found. At the age of 49 I have lost over 30 pounds teaching classes six days a week, eventually.... found my way out of that abusive marriage and fell inlove again with a new, sexy wonderful me! Each and every day I have the wonderful opportunity in teaching other women to do the same and loving every minute of it.
Come join me and lose the fat and keep the sexy. 
Yours in fun,

Kelly is the sole creator of the pole fitness/dance choreography program for Pole Dance Charlotte.
You will not find this type of program that has a perfect balance of dance and fitness and proven results anywhere else!  
As the main instructor this program is her only workout and her body is a testimony of what this program can do.
Come join us!

Already know how to pole? Looking for a new studio?
Ask about our intermediate and advance classes......
new students are always welcome :)

North American Pole Dance Competition 
2012 Chicago IL

2014 & 2015 Best of City Winner!

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